Benifit Plus

Plan 5000.00
  • Monthly Purchase - 500.00
  • Duration - 12 (Months)
  • Total Purchase - 6000.00
  • Discount - 1000.00
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Plan 10000.00
  • Monthly Purchase - 1000.00
  • Duration - 12 (Months)
  • Total Purchase - 12000.00
  • Discount - 2000.00
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Plan 20000.00
  • Monthly Purchase - 2000.00
  • Duration - 12 (Months)
  • Total Purchase - 24000.00
  • Discount - 4000.00
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Plan 50000.00
  • Monthly Purchase - 5000.00
  • Duration - 12 (Months)
  • Total Purchase - 60000.00
  • Discount - 10000.00
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Scheme Details

  • Customer can join the scheme in any of our branches.
  • Scheme joining customer must provide Passport Size photo – 2, ID Proof
  • Customer can pay their amount through CASH/CHEQUE/DD/DEBIT CARD. The payment can made through CHEQUE/DD in the Favor of Jaisuryas Retail Ventures (Pvt) Ltd.,
  • An initial amount of Rs.100 must be paid while joining the scheme.
  • After joining the scheme, the customer should receive the payment receipt. Within 10 days Scheme Card and Passbook of the customer will be sent through courier.
  • Customer can avail the scheme after the month of registration.
  • Customers joining our scheme can make purchases in any of our branches.
  • Customers can use the purchase amount for the following month once it falls below the purchase limit of the previous month.
  • Customer must provide the scheme card and passbook in billing section before billing their purchase.
  • Customers cannot make purchases using the scheme above monthly fixed limits.
  • Customers can make minimum purchase for Rs. 250 every month.
  • Customers who are not interested to continue the scheme, their amount can be decreased from purchase amount and refunded within 10 days through Cheque.
  • Customers on losing their scheme card or passbook must intimate the nearest customer service center of the branch along with their Register Number/ ID Proof. New scheme card and passbook will be issued to the customer within 10 days. (Registration fees of Rs. 100 should be paid)
  • Contact - 88707 00006 immediately if the customer loses their scheme card or passbook. Administration cannot take responsibility for their purchases before intimation.
  • Customers not using the scheme for 12 months are allowed to use the scheme for the following 6 months.
  • Customers should intimate immediately if any address changes are made.
  • Through this scheme the purchased items can be exchanged, but amount cannot be refunded.
  • Privilege Card Points are given separately to each and every customer joining the scheme.